We believe it is time for a change!

For the last thirty years, Seidlitz Engineering Ltd. provided a comprehensive consulting engineering and project management service to our clients in the Petroleum Industry. During this time we had the opportunity to work on projects in Canada and internationally in Albania, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Chad, China, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Turkey and Ukraine.

Seidlitz Engineering Ltd. has now been shut down. We would like to thank all of those companies who gave us the opportunity to participate in our past projects. A partial list of clients and descriptions of some of these projects is included on this website.

An associated company, Seidlitz Services Ltd., will continue to provide expatriate construction supervisors to manage local contractors in international locations. Since 2004, supervisors have been provided in Bangladesh, Chad, China, Egypt, Kurdistan, Russia and Sudan.

The services provided by Seidlitz Services Ltd. will be expanded to included planning and advisory services for projects in international locations. Our many years of experience gained while operating as Seidlitz Engineering Ltd. in numerous countries and with varied projects gives us an insight that will allow us to provide a high value service to our clients. We are available to discuss your ideas and expectations at no cost and with no obligation.

We can be contacted at:

Dale Seidlitz
Seidlitz Sevices Ltd.
Telephone 403-651-9408
Email daleseidlitz@gmail.com